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Ejemplos de soluciones :

Strengthen campaigns

Having the ability to impact a specific audience in key places for the promoted product.

Event Publication

Disseminate event data in hotels, hospitals, offices, and different public places.

Catered Event

Service promotion

Advertising services in places where customers wait for a turn to be served.


- Medical laboratories.

- Banks.

- Government institutions.


Launch campaigns

Start new campaigns instantly and economically


Menu Management

Publication of menus in fast food areas, and promotions in bars, cafes and restaurants.


Instant Offers

This facility is used in retail stores to promote products continuously and instantly.


- Supermarkets.

- Self-service hardware stores.

- Pharmacy.

Electrican's Tools

Dynamic publication

Publication of prices of services and products.

Publication of offers in real time.

Stock Market Quotes

Consumer Centers

Promotion of activities in consumer centers in hotels such as bars, swimming pools, restaurants, lobby, parking lots.


Hallway signage

In all the self-service stores where there are multiple aisles, screens can be used to tell customers where to go in order to find the items in an easier way.

Pet Supplies
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