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Pantalla electrónica en cafeteria
The easiest and most economical way to publish content

What is it?

Pantalla en centro comercial

Our Technology

01 / Flexible
  • Allows the programming of campaigns over time

  • It allows the use of the same player for different advertising campaigns.

  • From a single central site the administrator can modify several screens with a single click.

  • Allows you to implement campaigns instantly for offers and promotions.

02 / Safe
  • Our technology has a security scheme based on the encryption of information to transmit it in a secure way

  • It allows to remotely monitor the operation of each of the players, ensuring that the screens are always active.

03 / Easy to use
  • The administration and updating of the content of each of the players is done from a graphic and intuitive interface.

04 / Efficient
  • The players are the latest equipment with a cost well below that of a PC

  • The use of bandwidth is minimized as the players store the content to be projected locally.

  • The centralized administration of the campaigns allows significant savings in the distribution of content with respect to isolated equipment.

Pantalla en fast food

OmniScreen runs on any Android TV player 8.1 or higher with 2 GB of RAM



OminiScreen can also run on screens that have an Adroid TV installed as an operating system


Meet Omniscreen

Our history

We are a company dedicated to software development.


We have 25 years in the market with more than 20,000 satisfied customers with our various products.

Our vision

Deliver the best product to the customer at the best price, with the highest quality and service standards in the market.

Our Technology

We are a company dedicated to the research and development of new technology. This allows us to offer the market innovative products of the latest generation that provide simple, reliable, efficient and competitively priced solutions.

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Tel: (52) 55-1054-1200


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